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Comforting Lymphatic Drain

Life in Balance, LLC offers Reflexology Lymphatic Drain (RLD). RLD is an award-winning reflexology technique focusing on the lymphatic reflexes on the feet/hands. Research has shown, by using RLD technique, cancer, and lymphedema patients see a significant reduction of inflammation/swelling. 

Treatments using RLD are found to be very beneficial for swelling from surgery. 

RLD can help to promote a healthy lymphatic system and can often improve the health of people with a lowered immunity and allergies, fatigue, exhaustion, and can also help to relieve symptoms of some auto-immune pathologies such as fibromyalgia. 

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What will happen in my session?

Reflexology appointments include a consultation, treatment, and if determined necessary, the development of an ongoing treatment plan. Your session may begin with a comforting foot soak using Epsom salt and essential oils. Next, you'll be reclined while fully clothed on a zero gravity chair or a massage table.

I tell my clients, don't be surprised to find yourself drifting off. 

How long do treatments usually last?

Reflexology treatments run for 1-hour total, including a 45-minute session with 15 additional minutes for consultation and questions.


How often are treatments recommended?

A majority of people benefit from monthly reflexology treatments, although every case is unique and some folks may require a weekly session for a short time. Space between treatments can vary from weekly to monthly, depending on your situation. 

Common Questions on Lymphatic Drain

Hands on Healing, Release Trapped Emotions, Neutralize Negative Memories

Lorri is the only certified Reflexology Lymphatic Drain (RLD) practitioner in the state of Minnesota.

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