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Life in Balance was born with the goal of teaching and helping others to heal themselves. As a certified reflexologist, Lorri is passionate about supporting you into greater health & well-being. She enjoys bringing relief to all age groups.  She is the only certified Reflexology Lymphatic Drain (RLD) and Soul Link practitioner in the state of Minnesota. She is also a practitioner of several natural healing services. 

About the Main Product/Service

Life In Balance, LLC offers a variety of intergrative non-traditional types of healing options. These holistic treatments have been known to provide relief for multiple physical and emotional issues. These alternative therapy options can help the body to heal itself.



Frequency Vibrational Healing

Energy Healing


Distance Healing

Pricing for all Services
15 Minutes - $20
30 Minutes - $40
60 Minutes - $74
90 Minutes - $111

Package  Price
240 Minutes - $260


all service prices already
include MN tax
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Remedy Testing

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Meet Lorri

Hi, my name is Lorri Kulberg. In 2014 I was working under quite a bit of pressure and stress. I went in for a massage and instead received reflexology. Not knowing anything about this healing method, I was mesmerized by the feeling of relaxation that came over me through my feet. It was a feeling of safety, calm and nonjudgement. During my first session, the reflexologist asked me inquisitive questions and shared what reflexology is all about. Later that year I had a major life change and became a hospice caregiver for my mother-in-law. In this role as a caregiver is where my heart expanded and I found my passion for helping and teaching others about natural ways to heal.

This is where the awareness of my healing story begins. I began taking classes, courses and certifications for multiple healing methods. With each subject the curiosity of natural healing brought a stronger need to help others. 

I believe healing is a partnership, working together to bring balance back into your life. Through collaboration, great results can be  achieved. My treatments are gentle, soothing, relaxing yet firm to promote the best healing environment. 

I'm passionate about supporting you into greater health & well-being. 
My heart lights up everytime I can bring relief and joy to all age groups. 

I am the only certified Reflexology Lymphatic Drain (RLD) practitioner in the state of Minnesota.

Lorri is also trained in several holistic services. Some of which are Essential Oils, Response Muscle Testing, Crystals, Emotion Code, Vibrational tools such as Healy, iTeraCare Wand, plus many other healing services. 


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